While many of the companies we work with lack the budget to employ a full-time attorney as general counsel, their legal service needs can be significant. At SanDiegoBusinessLaw our experienced attorneys strive to be the in-house counsel that small businesses would usually not have the budget for. Our attorneys are dedicated to the success of our clients’ business thriving in a highly competitive market.

Most of our clients are owners of small, emerging businesses who are passionate about their ideas and require help for a variety of reasons. These include forming the right business entity, trademarking a company name and logo, reviewing and drafting business contracts, licensing a product or patent to another company, risk analysis and avoidance strategy, corporate governance and general legal services. Our talented attorneys are experts at what they do and your results will reflect their years of business law experience.

We also help our clients with identifying the best methods for capitalizing their business without losing control, buying out partners or selling an interest in the company, and even purchasing interests in other firms. Some of the clients have included:

  • Bio-tech start-ups
  • Construction industry firms
  • Trade industry associations
  • Authors
  • Skateboard and related action-sports manufacturers
  • Real estate partnerships and companies
  • Health care firms
  • Textile distributors
  • Internet marketers and Web developers
  • Telephone marketing enterprises
  • Craft Beer Industry

By using our firm on a part-time basis as outsourced general counsel, our clients eliminate the overhead, salary and benefit expenses associated with having a general counsel on staff.  This gives our clients  easy and highly available access to the critical legal assistance they need, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time lawyer.